encouraging sweet words

encouraging sweet wordsHave you ever been encouraged or had the course of your day turned right-side-up by the words of a stranger?  I have and as a result, understand firsthand how a kind word or compliment can lift our spirits and inspire others.  Although I know this to be true, I sometimes find myself allowing negative circumstances and the emotions that are triggered in response to them, to capture my thoughts and ultimately, the words and actions that follow.  Being an Encourager, a person that lifts others up, does not come natural to any of us as it is human nature for emotions to drive our behaviors.

Two years ago I was given the opportunity to take part in Re:New, a mentorship offered through the Care Ministry of North Point Community Church.  Although this mentorship was created to help people that are going through difficult times, the lessons I learned through Re:New were foundational truths applicable to every person on this planet.  Many of us have experienced challenges in our lives, experiences from our past that shape our views of ourselves as well as our views of others.  Those experiences and the emotions that are activated in the midst of them, create false beliefs that become strongholds in our lives, preventing us from seeing who we really are.  This fact is compounded by the culture that we live in, a culture that skews the truth and encourages us to “do what makes us happy”, in other words, live your life according to your emotions.  Of course, all of us want to “do” what makes us happy, because we want to be happy people.

How do we know what truly makes us happy?  Read my latest examiner article, “Change your thoughts and change your life” to hear my personal story and revelations that set me free to not only live my life but with more enjoyment that I could ever have imagined.

Wishing peace, love and joy to you today and every day!!




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