The draping makeup trend is a technique that dates back to the early 1980’s embraced by celebrity makeup artist, Way Bandy. Bandy accentuated the natural shadows and bone structure of the cheeks to create a very dramatic makeup look. Draping as celebrated today is a subtle form of contouring using blush instead of bronzer or contour powder.

How to contour the cheeks using the draping makeup technique

To create this dramatic makeup look you will need to use two complimentary shades of blush, a deeper shade to sculpt and define the cheekbones and a softer, brighter shade to add fullness to the cheeks and create a healthy looking glow. Although it isn’t absolutely necessary, I prefer layering textures by using both cream and powder blush formulas. This technique creates a lot of dimension by allowing the intensity of the color to build gradually and last much longer than it would with a powder blush.


Blissful Blush Duo by Mirabella

Begin the draping technique by applying the deepest shade of blush just under the bottom of the cheekbones. Following the natural shadow, sculpt diagonally in the hollows of your cheeks, blending upward with color gradually fading as you round the bottom of the cheekbone. Brush recommendations are a cheek contour brush or natural fan brush.

Using a blush brush, apply the lighter, brighter shade so that it overlaps the edge of the deeper shade softly blending the two colors as you work upward to the top of the cheek plane. This will add volume to the cheeks and eliminate any obvious lines of demarcation or color change.


The last step is to use an illuminating powder or highlighter to create a soft glow. Begin on the highest part of the cheek, working downward and overlapping both shades of blush. Be sure to blend so that the color is intense yet, no obvious lines are visible.

Lumiere Radiance Boosting Powder by Hynt Beauty


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